Blonde D'Aquitaine Cattle Stud

At Lording Estate we are extremely proud of the high-quality Blonde D-Aquitaine Cattle we have been breeding for the past few decades. From paddock to plate, this breed is far superior when it comes to cattle breeding. The features and specifics of this breed include are n't excluded to:

- Easy calving . Calves generally have low birth weights, but muscle up at around two weeks of age. Live weight gains of Blonde cross calves are impressive.

- Rapid growth. Hybrid Vigour and Blonde genetics combine to give exceptional growth under many conditions. 

- Excellent feed Conversion. There are strong links between high growth rates and feed conversion efficiency. 

- Temperament. Blondes are very docile cattle and are quite easy to handle. This feature flows on into both the feedlot and grass finishing situations where quiet cattle which take to feed quickly are needed to reduce costs and finishing time. They are also very intelligent cattle.

- Length of the carcass. The additional length typical of the breed increases the ratio of saleable meat...

- High retail meat yield. Blondes provide a very high percentage of saleable meat from a carcass because of their high meat to bone ratios and minimal fat with animals having reached a meat to bone ratio of 66.7%. There are also a better proportion of higher valued cuts. 

- Heat tolerant. Blondes have already proven themselves in the hottest Queensland climates, (and the cold of Tasmania and New Zealand). They are found flourishing in hot and humid climates all over the world.