Here at Lording Estate, we are all about embracing new technologies and learning how to implement them into the lifestyles of our and others agricultural operations. We are proud to now be offering qualified and experienced services with drones for farming use. Our current services include but aren't limited to:

- Teaching farmers how to fly drones.
Teaching farmers how to use drones to analyse crops, fences and boundary management, manage stock and weed control.
- Teaching farmers how to crop dust and weed spray using drones.
- Teaching Farmers the CASA rules and regulations on using drones for agriculture.
- Use of drones to manage equestrian studs and film events.

If you aren't quite ready to jump into getting a drone yourself but would like to see the benefits, we are able to organise drone consultations within 50km of Lysterfield, Victoria. Please contact us for more details.

Agriculture Drones

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Heavy Lift Drones

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