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Lording Estate warrants each new fixture (stable, loose box and lighting) sold to be free from defects in material, workmanship and construction, when used in accordance with instructions, and installed by Lording Estate, for a period of 1 year after the date of manufacture.

This warranty does not apply to fixtures or goods which are misused, abused or damaged from installation, livestock accidents or unintended livestock misuse, or not used in accordance with sellers instructions. Normal wear of equipment or goods, unusual weather conditions or unusual livestock behaviour causing damage are not included in this warranty.

The seller's sole liability under this warranty shall be limited to either replacing or repairing without charge at the sellers earliest convenience. The seller shall in no event be liable for any other direct or any special indirect or consequential damages or injury to human or animal of any kind under the contract or otherwise.

The warranties of the seller do not cover, and the seller makes no warranty with the respect to any defect, failure, deficiency, or error which include but are not limited to (a) not timely reported to seller; (b) Due to misapplication, modification, disassembly, abnormal conditions or temperature/weather, dirt or corrosive matter, behaviour of horse causing damage  or (c) Due to operation, either intentional or otherwise, tampering, self assembling or self repair.

If examination by Lording Estate discloses that the fixture has defective components, then Lording Estate's obligation is limited to repair or replacement, at Lording Estates option, of the defective components.

Lording Estate is not responsible for fixtures which have been subject to misuse, alteration, accident or for repairs not performed by Lording Estate and additional charges may be incurred by the buyer for diagnostic and/or repair functions performed by Lording Estate staff. 

Lording Estate shall not be responsible for any incidental or consequential damages arising from any breach of warranty. 

For warranty claims:

  1. Contact Wayne Lording 0419 308 020
  2. Name and location of the site for warranty assessment.
  3. A complete description of problem

In many cases, we can troubleshoot the problem and correct it my phone or email.  In some cases, we may need to repair or replace the issue under warranty.

All warranty repairs or replacement will be done at the discretion of Lording Estate.